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Life’s Tough, YOU Can Be TOUGHER!

Jul 17, 2019

This episode of “Life’s Tough, You Can Be Tougher” podcast features Matthew Mather, best-selling author of “Cyberstorm,” a science-fiction thriller that 20th Century Fox is now developing as a film.

Matt also has an upcoming detective novel, “The Dreaming Tree,” which “Ars Technica” had selected as one of its six most-anticipated releases of 2019. (“Ars Technica” is a website that offers technology news, commentary and reviews for passionate consumers of technology.)

Over a six-year span, since his first novel was published, Matt’s sci-fi thrillers have sold more than 1.5 million copies in over two dozen countries. His books have also been optioned for multiple film and television deals. 

Matt’s other notable works include “Darknet” (released in 2014), the “Nomad” series (released in 2015 through 2016), and “Polar Vortex,” which came out earlier this year. 

Matt graduated from McGill University (located in Montreal) with a degree in electrical engineering. Following his graduation, he worked at the university’s Center for Intelligent Machines. 

He later established one of the world’s first tactile feedback companies, which developed the technology for vibrational feedback – something that’s used in everything from an iPhone to Playstation. He’s also been involved with various other start-ups. 

Matt divides his time between Nashville, Tennessee, and Montreal, Canada. He lives with his wife Julie, and their two dogs.